Kitisuru House For Sale

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Kitisuru House For Sale

A 4 Bedroom Brand New Mansionette All En-Suite plus 2 SQS located at Kitisuru Springs Estate.

Situated in Kitisuru Springs is a 4 Bed all en-suite with 2 SQs all en-suite house. The house delivers the luxury lifestyle you dream statute architecture which agrees seamlessly with panoramic views to produce an impeccable masterpiece. This house sets the standards for Kitisuru. Upon entering the house, you are astounded by the magnificent interiors and has large windows to maximize natural light and air circulation. Modern kitchen with fitted cooker, water purifier, high quality cabinets, pantry and open to the dhobi area. Each bedroom has high quality inbuilt wardrobe, cubicle shower, bath tub and balcony. The master bedroom has Jacuzzi, shower and walk in closet

Features: Automatic back-up generator, Sunken Lounge with a fire place, 3 Levels, 4 bedroom (All-en-suite), Family room, wooden flooring except the wet areas that contains ceramic tiles, Lush green well-manicured and maintained garden, Electric Fence, Perimeter wall, Adequate water supply, U.N Approved, Dsq, Cabro Paved Driveways, Cabled Internet, Solar Water Heating, Automatic main gate opening and closing system, Alarm System etc. Close to proximity high end schools like International school of Kenya, School of Nations, Peponi, Germany school and Peponi school. Close to proximity shopping malls like Village market, Sarit centre, New Muthaiga and Two rivers.

Selling Price is Kshs. 90 Million.

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