Selling a 4 Bedroom Maisonette House, Ridgeways Estate

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Selling a 4 Bedroom Maisonette House, Ridgeways Estate

Ridgeways House for Sale
Very beautiful house inside and out with very fine finishings.

Selling @ 90 M. Negotiable.

4Bedrooms all en-suite with generous space
Ground floor
1bedrooms which is en-suite.
A closed spacious kitchen which has enough cupboards and also separate storage adjacent to it.
Fabulous spacious living adjoining the dining room with enough lighting.
There is also a fireplace finely built.
2 Floor
Here we have 2bedrooms all en-suite, a spacious family room and an study/ office room.
Family room has a beautiful balcony over looking into the garden.
3rd floor.
The master bedroom is on the floor. Has a jacuzzi and a cubicle shower.
Wardrobes are inbuilt.
Big dhobi area with detached servant quarters with two spacious separate rooms.
The property has a gym area too.
Parking area for 5 cars . The garden is all behind the house very big and well manicured.
The property uses a bio digester for containing its wastes.

For more information Call us on 0731 537 010 or 0728 793 131

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